Proofreading is an important part of translation, localization and cultural adaptation of any written material to a target language. In our case — Russian.

The companies who ignore this make a serious mistake.
It is easy to neglect proofreading when you think to save a nickel, but most likely the losses you experience right after that will bring you down to earth very soon…

Quality should go first (one of my friend’s favourite saying). Absolutely agree with this.

Russian proofreading is required (?) — Click here to get a free qoute.

Russian proofreading we offer include:

— checking for misspelling and typographical errors;
— checking for punctuation errors;
— checking for cultural relevance of a target text;
— checking for wrong spacing and margins, irregular font styling, and improperly capitalized words.

Please also let us know what special requirements you would like us to follow regarding your particular assignment.