Translation and localization services we offer

translation and localization

We offer quality translation and localization of various documents, marketing and advertizing materials, business and private correspondence from and into the following languages:

Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Uzbek,
Tajik, Romanian, Turkmen, Ukrainian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Armenian and other languages (on request).

The job is performed and delivered via Internet (globally) or personally (only in Moscow).

Translation and Localization Expertise

Wide variety of fields we work with:
— General Business;
— Marketing Translation;
— Oil and Gas;
— Legal Translation;
— Internet and E-Commerce;
— Cosmetic and Packaging;
— Tourism and Hospitality;
— Medicine and Health Care;
— Christian Ministry;
— Education and Social Science;
— Technical and Military

Particular topics and industries are to be confirmed.

Quality guaranteed (three step checking process).

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